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Pipeline wear-resistant ceramic lining

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What is the wear-resistant ceramic lining of pipelines? According to the literal meaning, adding ceramic material elements inside the pipeline to improve the overall performance of the pipeline.
With the progress of material science and the continuous improvement of production processes, industrial wear-resistant pipelines are also constantly updated and iterated. From the beginning of cast stone pipelines to later wear-resistant alloy pipelines, they have continuously developed to the popular wear-resistant ceramic pipelines in the current market application field. The reason for updating the wear-resistant ceramic lining of pipelines is not only due to the good performance of the products, but also due to the lack of cast stone pipelines and alloy pipelines, which leads to the inconvenience of engineering and the gradual elimination of materials in the market. For example, cast stone pipelines and alloy pipelines are relatively bulky, inconvenient to install, difficult to maintain, and have a short wear-resistant life.
The wear-resistant ceramic lining of pipelines is gradually recognized by customers and widely used in industries such as power, metallurgy, cement, chemical, coal, and steel due to its organic combination of high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance of ceramics with the machinability, weldability, and high strength of steel. It has the advantages of high wear resistance, light weight, convenient processing, and flexible on-site installation. In addition to its obvious advantages and easy operation in performance construction, the main thing is that the service life of the wear-resistant ceramic lining of pipelines is 8-10 times longer than that of cast stone pipelines and wear-resistant alloy steel pipes, and 15-20 times longer than that of steel plastic and steel rubber bends.
The wear-resistant ceramic lining of pipelines is a special type of corundum wear-resistant ceramic made from alumina and zirconia as the main raw materials, rare metal oxides as solvents, and calcined at over 1000 degrees Celsius. It is then fixed on the inner wall of the steel pipe through arch welding, stud welding, high-temperature resistant inorganic bonding, and other methods. It has high wear resistance, good corrosion and high-temperature resistance, low engineering cost, long service life, and light weight, Advantages such as convenient transportation and installation.

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