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     Hebei Zhongxin Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, has good technical quality and profound management accumulation, inherits many years of advanced experience in resin heavy corrosion prevention, wear-resistant technology and metal Thermal spraying industry at home and abroad, and is wholeheartedly committed to resin heavy corrosion prevention, metal wear-resistant spraying, refractory fiber mortar spraying, nano polymer reinforcement, structure and metal surface protection and wear-resistant construction Research and development, design, application, and promotion of new engineering coating technologies. It is a technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation, and is a participating unit of the national standard GB50212-2014 "Construction Code for Building Anticorrosion Engineering"; Equipment Remanufacturing and Surface Engineering Academician Workstation Unit; We have passed the IS09001 quality system certification, possess the national anti-corrosion construction qualification, and have been awarded multiple honorary titles such as "Youth Civilization Number" by the Youth League Municipal Committee. We have also relied on a sound quality assurance system and advanced testing methods to undertake various national large and medium-sized engineering construction tasks multiple times.
     CITIC Anticorrosion is a specially recommended unit by China Anticorrosion Engineering Network and a member unit of the China Society for Corrosion and Protection. With a registered capital of 30.18 million yuan, it has 97 fixed employees and 63 middle to senior engineering and technical personnel. It has anti-corrosion engineering companies, wear-resistant spraying companies, electromechanical installation engineering companies, corrosion and control technology research and development centers, and special refractory business units, It is a technology-based enterprise that focuses on anti-corrosion and wear-resistant construction, expands horizontally in multiple fields with its own advantages, and develops nano new materials.
     The company adheres to continuous innovation as the driving force to promote comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the enterprise; Adhere to the green development path with technology as the main focus and quality and safety as the focus, continuously research and develop new products to meet new market demands. Relying on our rich construction performance, construction technology, sound quality management system, reliable and trustworthy spirit, we provide customers with satisfactory products and services. We welcome new and old customers to come and negotiate.
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A professional industrial water tank anti-corrosion treatment company. If you would like to know the engineering construction quotation, please contact us for the price