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How to do a good job in high-quality ceramic spraying technology

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How to do a good job in high-quality ceramic spraying technology
In the process of external surface treatment, more and more mechanical parts and equipment in the modern industry adopt metal Thermal spraying surface treatment, which is more and more favored by enterprises. Different from the early use, use, maintenance, and reuse of equipment, if the mechanical equipment can not be repaired to a certain extent, it will be replaced, while in the modern industry, it is more different, Surface treatment can not only greatly improve the overall working efficiency, but also extend the service life of equipment and other parts. The main reason is that the use of Thermal spraying technology can not only improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability of machinery and equipment, but also give special functions to ordinary materials, such as High-temperature superconductivity coating, biological coating, diamond coating The electrode catalytic coating of solid oxygen fuel cell, etc. Therefore, Thermal spraying technology is bound to attract more and more attention, and will be more and more widely used in various industrial fields. And what we are going to talk about today is one of the surface spraying, boiler ceramic spraying, which is a new spraying technology with ceramic lining material. The main treatment range of boiler ceramic spraying is in the boiler. Due to the long-term working environment and high-temperature corrosion of the boiler, the performance characteristics of the ceramic lining can be solved in this field. Secondly, the advantage of ceramic spraying technology lies not only in the field of small machinery. For some other components with smaller shapes, sizes, or shapes, surface spraying treatment can be better achieved. In addition, five aspects that need to be noted during the process also depend on whether the overall spraying quality in the later stage can meet the standards.
1. Accurately analyze the problem and clarify the coating performance requirements;
2. Reasonable coating design, including correct selection of spraying materials, equipment, processes, and adherence to strict coating quality and performance evaluation systems;
3. Optimize the coating preparation process;
4. Strictly control the coating quality;
5. Economic feasibility analysis of coating technology.
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